Free Satellite Radio Subscriptions For Everyone in College

My friend Lee Abrams barely leaves campus and I am spending his money. XM's Chief Creative Officer was the featured guest at USC Thornton School's debut of its "Hot Topics" program today. Abrams was warmly received as he explained the mission of XM's version of satellite radio. What was somewhat surprising was the curiosity on the part of students. It's almost as if they had either not considered satellite radio as an option for them or let price discourage them from getting it. Cost was a factor -- the fact that it costs anything at all. Still, from the wide ranging discussion that ensued Gen Y could be an eventual market for satellite operators IF they develop a reasonable strategy for making satellite radio cool and easy to access. In the absence of viral marketing -- the grassroots type that helped spread the word on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube -- another approach should be sought. Gen Y is a voracious consumer of music media. The time has arrived to do something drastic (and smart): offer a student pass to satellite radio for bona fide four year college students. They buy the device and get the service throughout college -- a time of financial challenge to many. Hook them early and often and the four-year investment will pay dividends as soon as they graduate and get a job as they clamor "I want my satellite radio".