Get The Feeling FaceBook and MySpace Don't Get It?

Facebook is still eating humble pie after a privacy meltdown of epic proportions last week -- one that saw and uprising of angry users. The apology. The humility. Yet all Facebook did was give members a little more control, but their changes are potentially still out there as unpopular as they are. Now, Facebook has "MySpace envy". Wants to expand the community. Of course, it's not going to make the mistake of letting all those new regional members mixed in with its college community -- at least not yet.

And MySpace feels like it is becoming more of a portal than a social network. The next generation can be very forgiving especially since Facebook and MySpace are their main social networking tools and they are not easily discarded without a suitable replacement on the horizon. But this generation is also fickle and ripe for change. If another entrepreneurial start-up comes along and understands privacy, community and the importance of not monetizing the site by making it feel and look like a giant advertising vehicle, I'm betting it has a great chance to emerge as the next social network. Fool this generation once and shame on you. Fool them twice -- well, they're too smart for that.