Radio To Go

Some of my students have expressed a desire to subscribe to content that could be produced by terrestrial radio operators. My friends in the radio industry, please take note. They envision a system that would allow them to plug in their iPods and download podcasts of highly specialized material -- about 15 minutes in length. They would tolerate a commercial sponsor. Might even enjoy plugging in at a Starbucks as an alternative to downloading the content on their computers before leaving for work or school. Might even pay a small fee for the content along with a latte. The kinds of content they might like: sports news, soap opera updates, the latest music (royalties permitting) just released, comedy bits from terrestrial radio morning shows either as separate content or bits from the radio show -- maybe both. This strikes me as a potential hit for broadcasters who have struggled with how to get in with Generation Y. But proceed cautiously. Radio's hidden advantage is that it is the greatest producer of audio content on this planet. But know your market. This generation wants what it wants and is very eclectic in its tastes -- musical and otherwise. Don't make radio to go an extension of your stations. Make it separate, but use your ample programming and production skills. Possibilities.