YouTube Could Encourage Litigators To Cut Out the Middleman (Them!)

Don't worry about parent company Google getting sued. There is some speculation that under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act YouTube may be able to have the litigator bypass them and let the user collect a lawsuit. How can this be? The law doesn't protect users who access copyrighted content. Google may find it expedient to turn over info on who is illegally posting video clips as self-protection. According to Online Media Daily precedent exists. Journalist Robert Tur who is suing for copyright infringement was encouraged by YouTube's attorney to pursue litigation against the person who posted video clips of his coverage of the 1992 LA riots. The attorney said it was his client's (YouTube) policy to provide owners with user identification after receiving a subpoena. So there you have it. Another reason to procede carefully in the brave new world of interactive media. Just as students and young adults will soon learn that posting playful or accurately honest information about themselves online can hurt them years from now career-wise, using the exciting new technology of the day -- albeit illegally -- could land you in a clip-load of trouble.