PS3 And Music

When was the last time you remember hearing about riots breaking out to buy a consumer product? How about a music-media related consumer item? PlayStation 3's significance is far more important than a bunch of geeks having to wait on long lines for the privilege of having price gouging performed on them. (And, I am taking into account those "entrepreneurs" or opportunists looking to buy one and then turn around and gouge somebody else). Gaming is the next frontier for the music business. You're not going to see anyone riot over radio ("have to get an HD radio or I'll break the door down"). Maybe it was the high price, but I don't remember such a passionate demand for flat screen, HD televisions. Demand yes. Wild passion. Not really. The gaming industry is an important player in the future of popular music. The audience is there. And the audience is older than a lot of people think -- thus opening up a potential new market as well. As the technology gets better the sound quality improves. I know some people in academia who believe that the ability to write or edit your own music on gaming devices presents even more possibilities. Video games have already popularized music. There is no reason to believe that it won't continue. The gaming business is huge -- bigger than the record business. While we're hearing and seeing all these stories about the rush to get a PS3, I'm thinking about the future applications.