Tough Times Ahead for TV

There's a new technology coming your way that deserves watching called Switched Broadcast. It's a technology that expands bandwidth and makes delivering hundreds of television channels to the home unnecessary. Technology enables only one channel at a time to be delivered to subscribers and this could change everything. Providers can then free up bandwidth for more content. Consumers could benefit from more on-demand services, faster delivery, more telephone services. This spells the end of television channels as we known them. Going forward under switched broadcast, channels become unnecessary. The question is will broadcasting thrive if and when switch broadcast becomes the new standard. Technology is changing everything but the generation that embraces this technology the most -- Gen Y -- enables the technology to take hold. I see turbulent times ahead for the television and video industries. They will experience the pain that radio experienced over the past ten years. A new generation hasn't just fooled with the Internet and come up with some alternative things to do with it. This generation has undone everything. What's ahead is numerous new delivery options. What won't change: the importance of content. Without desirable content, more efficient, targeted delivery systems mean nothing. If I'm college age and I want a career in the music related media, I'm getting into the content business -- the only bulletproof career for years to come.