A Better Radio Sales Idea

Why not let the Radio Advertising Bureau supervise radio sales on a market by market basis? The groups and stations willing to opt in can finance the effort from savings derived from fielding a full sales staff. Yet the concept allows stations to opt in as much or as little as they feel comfortable doing on their own time, at their own speed (i.e., start by submitting unsold inventory and later, add other avails). I mention the RAB or some other sales organization so as to keep the effort fair. Standards should be set. Bids can be raised or lowered similar to how airfares are routinely priced. Two more advantages: RAB fields a sales team to actually sell local radio not just let advertisers bid on it. If radio is serious about being local in more than just name, ideas like this make a lot of sense. Second, stations don't cede control or profits to Google. Their only obligation is to fund the non-profit combined local radio sales operation. Legal counsel should be consulted to avoid monopolistic roadblocks. In this day and age, can you imagine the government being an impediment to monopoly when their policies created it? One local sales staff -- run by a non-profit group -- first to sell unsold local station inventory and eventually (if it proves successful) to add more inventory. Variable pricing (top rated stations can set higher bid prices) can be set and adjusted hourly if necessary by any participating stations. It's radio being local. Taking control from Google. Actually emphasizing selling! There you have it. Start your brainstorming sessions and get rolling.