iPod "The Oldies Station"

Who would have thought that the home of the "Greatest Hits of All Time" would be an iPod instead of a radio station. With radio gradually getting out of the oldies business I'm thinking that consumers really consider their iPods and MP3 players their music collections. Odd, but research tells us these same consumers on the average have fewer than 200 songs on their iPods and they play them over and over again. Geez, that's more repetition than a Steve Rivers playlist! Why don't they complain about such repetition? Because it's their music. They are the program director. They play what they want -- take that, Jack! CBS overreacted to the iPod and developed the U.S. version of "Jack". I'll still never forgive Joel Hollander for blowing up oldies icon WCBS-FM in New York as a knee-jerk reaction to the iPod generation. And, by the way, if "Jack" is the answer radio has problems. The next generation wants to (and really has to carry their oldies around on an iPod because radio has failed them in this department). But they want new music -- lots of it, differing by genres, regions -- not the same old playlists city-by-city. So, let's take this from the top -- it's fine if Gen Y wants to have their "Greatest Hits of All Time" on their iPods and I understand why that repetition doesn't irritate them. But for crying out loud, if you're going to blow up a station to attract 12-24's, do what they want not what your program directors want.