Playing Hurt -- A Half-time Pep talk

By Dave Van Dyke, Inside Music Media™ Contributor
"Radio has more experience at this game and we know the other team's weak spots; we're bigger in all our positions, too. So as we prepare for the second half, let's get re-inspired about how great our team is and focus on the game at hand - don't get distracted by their cheerleaders. Let's go out and win one for the bookkeeper"..
I love football analogies. Traditional radio's got some players who are playing hurt. One of our biggest and most long-term dependable players, half-back "Average Quarter Hour", has really taken a beating lately. He's not as quick and he's just not contributing to the power of the team as he once was. He's brought us some great games; we need to pump him up a bit. One of our strongest guards, "Cume" - the one who's been protecting our quarterback all these years, is beginning to lose his edge, though he's still doing the job. Perhaps our weakest link - one that almost got taken out of the game this year, is quarterback "Self-esteem". Man, did he take some shots over the last two or three seasons. He's been hurt so much that there are rumors among the press that he doesn't have "it" anymore. We know that's not true; he needs an attitude adjustment - and fast! Thank goodness our two best players, offensive ends "brand awareness" and his counterpart "brand equity" have been eating right and working out. Nothing seems to phase these guys - no matter how many times they get hit. They're the best we have, yet sometimes we forget the their importance to the team.

The other team's got some superstars we have to take out. Their little guy "satellite radio" got a great rap in the trades at first, but after some pounding by our middle guards, it looks like he'll be limping into the playoffs! However, let's not get cocky! Their best player, "iPod" also known as "MP3", just won't quit. He's their top scorer and so far we haven't figured out a way to stop him although our scouts report that he tires quickly. He and the young guy, "Video Game Controller", are probably going to keep getting to our quarterback and half-back until we find a way to stop them. And don't neglect to cover their amazing rushing defensive end, "Internet radio". This guy just keeps getting bigger each season and he's comin' on fast!! Sure, we've got some people playing hurt, but so do "they". (Dave Van Dyke is President of Bridge Ratings)