Inside The Copyright Threat to Internet Radio

My longtime friend Kurt Hanson, publisher of Radio & The Internet (RAIN) has just done a spectacular piece on copyright law and the Congressional Royalty Board (CRB) -- what went wrong.

Internet Radio is the future of broadcasting and it is in serious jeopardy now due to a recent CRB ruling. Many Internet radio stations -- especially the "little guys" (the lifeblood of streaming) could be in jeopardy. They may even have to shut down as a result.

Kurt is leading a major effort to get the CRB ruling reconsidered. It's life or death for Internet Radio. I've known Kurt as a man of integrity for many years. I have personally read his site almost every day since it debuted. If you're not a regular reader, you'll want to subscribe and have it delivered to your email box.

As publisher of Inside Radio I called him the day he launched with compliments about his product and his editorial foresight. Kurt, like a lot of us, has roots as a terrestrial broadcaster. He wishes no harm to local radio but he has always seen the future clearly on this issue and he is right.

When I started Inside Radio all those years ago, publishers tried to bring the news to their readers -- scoop each other if possible and reflect the colorful nature of a once booming entertainment medium. Today, the Internet has altered that mission -- certainly in some cases. This blog is an example of advocacy journalism which could only happen because of the Internet. In my opinion RAIN is another example of excellent reporting and championing competition.

Kurt is the lead man on the CRB issue. I urge you to take a moment to read his brilliant piece. To make a difference you'll want to understand how the context and current situation is critical to being able to impact the greater good and save the diversity that Internet radio promises -- and terrestrial radio has lost.

Read it here.