Panty Raids -- The Best Radio Can Offer

Did you catch the latest radio blunder -- this one out of Philadelphia?

It seems that CBS-owned WYSP's "Free FM" had a discussion on panties Wednesday morning.

Kidd Chris was entertaining frequent contributor Danny Ozark (real name Peter Goldman) on-the-air when Ozark confessed that he met a girl at a June 2nd Phillies game who was house sitting for local NBC10 investigative reporter Lu Ann Cahn.

As the story goes, the girl inappropriately invited Ozark and a buddy to the house where they eventually went through Cahn's underwear drawers. He is reported to have said that he had hoped to try some on but he knew they wouldn't fit. Ozark also didn't like her choice in panties and called them "government issues really bad underwear" according to a press account by Dan Gross.

Funny, right?

Apparently the GM thinks so because he pays the bills. The PD is the coach, this is his morning guy!

Of course Cahn was humiliated.

The next day Ozark saw the revenge of Cahn as she rebounded and took her cameras to his apartment and interviewed him for a TV piece.

What the hell is wrong with us?

Can you see why CBS Radio President Dan Mason is killing off "Free FM" stations as his first act of employment?

Panties? Didn't Howard Stern do this act 20 years ago?

It seems talk radio today consists of either right or left wing political windbags or not-funny locker room antics in which radio has been there and done that.

Any wonder why the next generation isn't listening? There is nothing for them. Hey, there is nothing for the rest of us.

We live in a world where if you really want porn you can access it online at will 24/7. If you want political talk -- and even if you don't want it -- that's all radio seems to have. We have too few talkers who can discuss money, life and other topics. And all of these are not aimed at the next generation.

The future of radio is nothing without a new crop of young listeners. The big wigs who ran consolidation even have to admit that they lost the next generation -- unprecedented in the history of radio.

So as this seemingly never-ending barrage of bad taste and poor programming continues is it any wonder that the radio industry is helping itself into meaningless obscurity.

Can anyone at least try to do a morning show without the usual sex and drugs?

Is this as painful for you as it is for me?

Stop this right now!

By the way, in the interest of equal time -- NBC10 and its "humiliated" reporter were not too humiliated to miss a cheap news story with legs (TV is as bad as radio). Cahn was interviewed on her TV station. She said that she is not going to sit idly by while this happens to her. Too bad it's not sweeps.

Say what you want about him but Dan Rather was right. The news is being dumbed down and tarted up.

I'm looking to the top guy or gal running our media conglomerates.

This is on you.

The advertising outlook for radio and TV in the year ahead is not bright. Maybe that will get the attention of the decision makers.

Mandate change and do it now or suffer the consequences.

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