Thank You

Google has released its new page view rankings and Inside Music Media has increased from a 4 to a 5. For those unfamiliar with this standard, a 7 would be a large aggregator of viewers such as CNET. I am blown away as it has all been done virally.

This is beyond our expectations and is possible only because so many of you forward my content to friends, message boards and post them on other web sites – something we obviously appreciate.

After I sold Inside Radio, my non-compete prevented me from writing about radio matters for a number of years. When I was allowed to return, I wanted to do something different. I wanted a larger palate – a more youthful focus. Initially I started Inside Music Media for my students while I was on teaching sabbatical.

The focus is broadcasting, music and new media (Internet and mobile) as they pertain to specific generations.

I receive as many as 100 emails written directly to me every day. I answer all of them as soon as possible. Sometimes readers disagree with some or all of what I write but that’s what makes this site so interesting. As House Speaker Sam Rayburn was fond of saying: When two people agree on everything, only one person is doing the thinking.

Thanks for taking Inside Music Media beyond my expectations -- Jerry