Barry O'Brien Joins Inside Music Media

I am happy to announce that Barry O'Brien will be joining Inside Music Media.

Effective this morning, Barry O'Brien & Company will be handling all sales opportunities offered by our company which will initially include one-day Brainstorming Seminars, training and advertising opportunities.

We're planning to do a one-day Media Solutions Lab -- the first of which will be held in Scottsdale, AZ. He'll work with sponsors for very unique opportunities -- after all, you know me.

Barry will also handle my private brainstorming seminars that are offered for radio groups, entrepreneurs, new media and music companies or individuals.

When Inside Music Media started out two and a half years ago, it had barely 100 readers.

Today, Inside Music Media through the website and daily email is read 85,000 times a month (not counting pass along readership). Barry will sell the ad that appears at the ah-ha moment of each of my daily posts (where the "brainstorming" ad now appears).

Because of my background in radio, television and music industry as well as the time I served as professor of music industry at the University of Southern California, I am anxious to not only share my view of challenges and opportunities facing traditional and new media, but to do seminars, private coaching, and brainstorming for those who want it. Barry is the ideal person to represent what we do.

I'm hoping there is a great interest in this as my readers tend to be forward-looking realists who want to actively engage the future.

I've long admired Barry who is best known for his 20 years as VP/Sales for Radio & Records, working out of their Washington, DC office. For 10 years prior to R&R, Barry was in radio sales in Boston (WVBF) and Washington (WRQX).

After leaving R&R in 2000, he opened Barry O'Brien & Co., and has worked with a variety of companies in sales and business development on a consulting basis, including New England Cable News (NECN), Pro Media, Inc., John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation, Radio Hall of Fame (Museum of Broadcast Communications/Chicago), In3Media (Taylor on Radio), Effective Advertising Seminars, Inc., CN8, CLTV, Texas Cable News, Northwest Cable News, Marquis Jets and Broadcasters Foundation.

Barry is a member of the Board of Overseers of Emerson College (Boston), and is on the advisory board for their student run radio station, WERS. He was a board member of the John Bayliss Foundation for many years, is a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, and is a mediocre golfer.

Barry lives in Plymouth, MA and West Palm Beach, FL with his wife of 10 years, Nancy Ryan.

To congratulate Barry, you can call (508) 224-4262 or email