Jerry Del Colliano’s Media Solutions Lab

January 28, 2010
Westin Kierland, Scottsdale AZ

This Media Solutions Lab will help you master the rapidly evolving changes in today’s challenging media environment.

You’ll learn to handle fast paced changes in traditional and new media, identify the skills necessary for succeeding in the new age and generate strategies for growth.

You’ll be better equipped to be a problem solver, communicator and confident leader as you lay the groundwork for increased enthusiasm and confidence.

One-day interactive learning seminar set up in modules that include discovery sessions for the most relevant traditional and new media topics. Complimentary breakfast, lunch and breaks are included in this fun, fascinating and inspirational program. It is a private event for registered guests only with no vendors, pitchmen or commercially sponsored topics. And the program will not be available by voice recording, video or webcasting during or after the event.


Individuals who work in radio, television, publishing, the music industry, new media, social networking or mobile content who want to see the future better and enhance their core skill development to achieve outstanding results.


The Most Useful New Media Secrets for 2010
Jerry’s laser sharp forecast complete with cautions and opportunities. The one thing radio can do right now that can make it a growth business again. The down-low on video as a revenue source. Why newspapers are best positioned to morph into new age companies – and why they won’t, but how you could. Unlocking the iPhone for commerce. Prepare for Apple’s anticipated game changing “tablet entertainment device” –and how you can prepare. Innovating webcasting – the unseen market that you’ll see. The FM smart phone – the strategy that will succeed. Why Facebook has already peaked and what you’ll want to get a jump on next. Late to Twitter? Then don’t be late to the next big “Twitter” due in 2010. Plus ten more …

Reinventing Radio
Maximizing terrestrial radio in a challenging time while simultaneously creating an increasingly profitable hybrid of web, mobile, podcasting and social media. The terrestrial radio station of the future – what radio will look and sound like in one year – three years – beyond. People Meter myths and untold strategic secrets – how to use it to increase actual listening not just drive-by “hearing”. Earn an exponential increase in advertising sales by following this one simple plan that will help you. Fiscally responsible alternatives to voice tracking and syndication that you’ll be compelled to try. How to hire local talent for free – and have them lined up at the door to work for you (an innovative new way to grow rich with talent). The local advantage that is right before your eyes. The best choice: selling terrestrial radio separately or together with new media – you’ll see all the evidence. What is more important than pay (pay is fourth) to fire up your team? Do you know? You will.

Think Like Apple
Don’t risk your career or investment developing something great that consumers do not need. Master the market using the same generational media techniques Apple CEO Steve Jobs uses. See why radio, TV, music and publishing companies continually misread what consumers will support and how to avoid making that mistake. Improve your success rate by 75 to 100%. Learn it, then go home and teach it to your team. The ultimate way to harness Millennials, a generation of changemakers who influence not only their peers but older audiences as well.

Successful Selling in the New Age of Media
Generating simultaneous streams of cash flow from both traditional and new media. Solutions to rate cutting – the antidote will be in your hands. Putting a lock on your 25 best advertisers – gain their commitment through an innovative new strategy. Locking out your competitors – protect yourself from rate erosion. Mastering the sale of new media – be ready when the buyer is more in the dark than the seller. Master ancillary forms of sponsorship that can provide more off-air revenue than you ever dreamed. The hot button that most media companies don’t know (or don’t use) that make account reps go on a selling spree.

30 Days to a Podcasting Franchise
Jerry shares how he helps entrepreneurs build moneymaking podcasts. How to grow an audience in a few well thought out easy steps. Generate revenue from ancillary forms of sponsorship beyond traditional radio commercials. A game plan for making sales calls. Managing your new business. Why podcasting content must be and sound different from radio. Overcoming the biggest obstacle: getting podcasting fans so addicted that they return each day. Leave with a blueprint of how you can start one or a hundred and one new revenue rich podcasts.

Unique Secrets to Your Best Webcasting Ever
Webcasting revenues are forecast to grow at least 20% in 2010! 24/7 streams aren’t the only things you can do online. Make money leasing web content to advertisers – we’ll show you how. Managing costly rights fees. Easy ways to monetize webcasting to make a profit. Latest intelligence on using social networking to build audiences. Secrets of utilizing short-form content on streaming sites. Why online terrestrial radio does so poorly but what one change could jump-start it instantly. New applications for “local” streaming. The powerful way to handle webcasting royalty fees and why you’ll never complain as competitors continue to pay them. It’s all explained here.

Instant Money By Helping Advertisers Do-It-Themselves
Jerry predicts more and more big advertisers will cut out media middlemen and go directly to their consumers in the next few years. Track and get in on this trend early as advertisers learn to build their own. How Reebok and other big marketers are going directly to consumers. Why the Internet and mobile space makes it possible. How to stake out a claim in DIY media whether you work for a traditional media company or for yourself. Come away with a game plan for this lucrative new business – it will emerge quickly and build rapid momentum, but you’ll see it coming and be there – prepared.

3 New Technology Businesses You Can Start the Next Day
Start these “local” new media businesses that have great advertiser appeal. We’ll name names and show you how. Low cost audio/video and text projects that you can operate or sell to media companies. Each one passes the litmus test of cooperating with emerging technology and changing sociology. One start up shows you how to build an Internet radio station for a radio advertiser, but you own it and run it. They lease it. How to pitch the idea and own it forever. And an audio idea that requires zero start-up money and a phone call to a hot prospect. Sell100 two-minute broadcasts a day and make lots of money – you’ll learn how. And we’ve got some revenue generators built around apps and music discovery. If you miss it, you’ll miss a lot.

Growth Opportunities in Publishing
The three things publishers can do to pull themselves out of their circulation and revenue free fall. Jerry believes publishing companies are ideally positioned to provide local content instead of trying to cram a newspaper into a laptop. Study the three and start working them the next day. You’ll learn why they work, why they will grow virally and how to use the “publishing advantage” over competitors or wannabe startups. What publishers can do for free and what consumers will pay for. Resolving the conflict between print and online. How to recharge your employees to crave the future of publishing. Rebuilding credibility and rapport with print advertisers in the new age. You’ll see more clearly the new definition of local and cash in.

Free vs. Paid
Paid models are being tried by some big media companies in 2010, but will they work? What you need to consider as you keep an eye on this. Is Rupert Murdoch right or Chris Anderson’s “Free”? (Hint: neither). Can record labels expect consumers to pay monthly fees for streaming music such as Spotify? (Hint: not likely, but we’ll show what may have the most traction with consumers). Can you imagine a radio station charging listeners for content? We can and will explain how radio execs missed this one thing that would start paying off tomorrow. Without getting up-to-date on free vs. paid, media companies might as well sit out the digital revolution – but you won’t have to.

Master Mobile Content
Learn what content consumers prefer on their mobile devices and how to give it to them. Monetizing, marketing and distributing new mobile content. Jerry believes any radio, TV or publishing company that still wants to be around in five or ten years will have to enter the mobile content business. The importance of knowing the pros and cons of the increasingly short-attention span consumer. The difference between selling through broadcasting and closing the sale by leading mobile fans directly to the product and/or service. How to generate sellable mobile ideas. Innovative ways to keep the costs down especially in the beginning. Celebrate mobile success with dollars.

Emerging Trends of Social Networking
Beyond Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Why MySpace started its decline and Facebook has yet to cash in. Everybody uses social networking but no one has really harnessed its moneymaking potential. Solving the fickle young social networking consumer. Track the next Twitter that may even be bigger, better and have more traditional and new media advantages. We’ll name names and show you how to experiment with it. Why treat social networking as an add-on when one big adjustment can be made to unleash its full audience and revenue potential. You won’t be making that mistake.

Reinventing You
The new skill sets you’ll have to have to be relevant in the new age of media. Easy ways to reinvigorate your career and upgrade your ability to manage at a time of traditional and new media convergence. Concrete ways to take your skills and abilities to the next level. Inspire others. Refresh your leadership abilities. The prescription for managing young people who do not respond to old world management techniques. The personal secrets of managing in the new age. Jerry’s unique way to help you transition from traditional to new media – you’ll get homework and can even follow-up with him from home. This is an eye-opener for rediscovering your marketable skills for the new age.


Brainstorm the Next Media Growth Business
Participate in a group-think process developed by Jerry as a USC professor. We will actually create and invent new media businesses together. You’ll want to take these ideas home and build on them.


• Q&A with Jerry on What’s Ahead

Jerry’s experience in television, radio, publishing, business and as a university professor makes The Media Solutions Lab rich with content and unconventional.

Invest in your future.

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