Martin Luther King, Jr. Did Not Believe in Segregation, Nor Do TS/IS Americans

Martin Luther King, Jr. Did Not Believe in Segregation, Nor Do TS/IS Americans

What I’m hearing from many Americans born with a transsexual and/or intersex condition is they too don’t believe in segregation.

Some transgender/3rd gender/gender queer theory troopers try to enforce TS/IS women to be segregated from non-TS/IS women, into some type of “gender variant/3rd gender” box.

This is segregation. This is Illegal in America.

Our doctors and scientists will attest to that.

TS/IS women are not by definition cross dressers, gender deconstructionists or drag queen stage acts

For our Transgender Ward Bosses and Gay Inc to enforce segregation onto unwilling people with a TS/IS condition is dangerous to their medical legitimacy, civil rights and understanding from society

If GQ/CD/TG/DQ/TV/GNC folks want to dismantle the gender binary for themselves, good for them.

But to demand TS/IS Americans sign over their own narrative to some gender theory agenda contract is a crime.

I agree with Martin Luther King, Jr.: Creating segregation onto unwilling participants is immoral, dehumanizing and against everything this great country stands for.

Women are women. Not “3rd/gender, sub-women, its or “tra**ys”

This is a great time in America, as the TS/IS communities are rising up against mis-education, mis-gendering, misinformation and misleading gender theories.

TS/IS Americans are fighting for their legal recognition, medical legitimacy and to be understood by society.

Segregation no more. Social exile no more. PC Bullying no more.

As Audre Lourde said “Your silence will not protect you”.

It’s so inspiring to see all these TS/IS people speaking out against marginalization and censorship.

Authenticity. Happiness. Honesty. Medical rights. Just living our lives. This is our dream.

Have a great Martin Luther King,Jr. Day today!