I Cancelled My Plans to Attend Creating Change Yet Still Committed to Changing Gay Inc & TG-Umbrellaism Theorist's Misrepresentation of Transsexualism

I am no longer trying to go to Creating Change. For the record, change is about inclusion, and not pretend inclusion.

Education about transsexual and intersex issues must be delivered with accuracy and affirmation, not co-opted into a 3rd Gender Separtist Agenda. We are not 3rd class women, or sub-women, we are women, period. And men with transsexualism are men. Our medical condition will not be used as a political bargaining chip by cross dressing/transvestite males and gender queer activists.

Perhaps my uncompromising honesty is why my blog was not selected to have press credentials for this conference, but we have a strict anti-transsexual-phobia mandate on my blog. It's non-negotiable.

Our patient rights will not be bulldozed over and endangered by thugs misabusing their power. Malpractice, colonialism and propoganda have to be called out.

Occupy Transsexual-phobia. Liberate Understanding.