Educating From Within And Outside The GLAAD Awards

MAGNET had a productive educational outreach this weekend outside & inside the GLAAD Awards. A longtime trans advocate came by where I was outreaching and offered me her extra ticket and the opportunity to educate inside the event. Since the layout of the event prohibited us from being able to pass out as many flyers as we needed, a couple volunteers remained outside and a couple of us went inside and passed out our information flyers and had conversations with organizations and media professionals who directly propagate the erasure of the transsexual medical condition narrative in favor of only transgender umbrella-ism ideology. We even talked to GLAAD staff, many of whom seemed to understand the need for reform. I was very optimistic at the end of the evening because there was a lot of commitment from attendees to examine the particular and different realities and needs of people born with transsexualism that get compromised in gender decontructionism socio-politics. I hope the incoming director of GLAAD realizes that it's time to evolve the conversation. We are women and men, not pretending or identifying as one for a hobby, a drag stage act or fetish. We’re not down with being othered into a third gender, sub-woman or sub-man narrative. Let's all be respectful of each other.