Attending Ms. Foundation for Women’s Awards Last Night Affirmed The ‘Transsexual, Not Transgender’ Movement Is A Just Feminist Cause: We Don’t Want Men Controlling Our Lives.

With trail blazing human rights/feminist icon Gloria Steinem last night at The Gloria Awards: A Salute To Women Of Vision in New York City.

I finally got to meet Gloria Steinem at Ms. Foundation for Women's Awards last night! It was empowering being in a room full of women all dedicated to similar purpose. Some of my associates who weren’t born with transsexualism don't understand the whole 'Transsexual, not Transgender' conflict. Yet last night everyone I talked to understood why women born with transsexualism don't want men, male transvestites/cross dressers or transsexual-phobic LGB"T" agenda dictators taking ownership of our narrative.

 It’s pretty simple. We are no different than other feminist women in that regard: We won’t tolerate men trying to control our lives.

Transgenderism” Umbrella Ideology does not, never has or never will accurately include women born with transsexualism and/or intersex. We are not "third gender, impersonators, fetishists, or gender queer". We have legal and medical needs that get compromised by those who unethically appropriate our medical condition to push forward their anti-gender agenda. Sex is not the same thing as “gender”.

Dear Gay Inc and its Transgender Subsidiary: We will absolutely NOT “check a 3rd box”. We don't want to rebel against the gender binary, because that would be fighting against ourselves.

Forced inclusion is not “unity”, it’s actually called tyranny, colonialism, and in this case, fraud, malpractice and invalidation of transsexualism.

The feminist fight continues, and though fraudulent “academia” pundits/authors, homosexual non-profits and transgenderist opinionists/opportunists try every trick in the whitewashed book to misrepresent transsexualism, and censor and vilify those who stand up for truth, women will no doubt rise up and ensure that a light shines on accurate and affirming education about our birth challenge .

We are women, not sub-woman, not third class women, not “transgender”.

We are women, PERIOD- hear us roar!