Google Gets The Last Giggle

Does $1.6 billion buy Google a raft of lawsuits over content rights or a massive new frontier upon which to continue building its empire. What do you think? How could someone not take the risk and could you think of anyone better than the deep pocket folks at Google? I like this move. You'll notice that Google is moving as swiftly as it did in buying YouTube to resolve outstanding potential lawsuits. Universal comes to mind. They're now on board. There's no doubt YouTube is a beacon for legal trouble over unprotected content, but the difference may be that Google recognizes this, is taking action and will have to consider such suits as the cost of the acquisition. MySpace is now crawling into bed after parent company News Corp lost its bid for YouTube. And can you imagine what would have happened if an old media company like Viacom won the bidding war. So, I'm over the potential risks. Not a naysayer. I think this move gives gravitas to the video clip segment of interactive media. It's the new television. Google will be looked to as a developer of not just advertising possibilities (that, too), but also content beyond what YouTube's young founders began with. Will Google be careful to keep YouTube's simplicity? It must. And, some how if I am Yahoo! right now I am also celebrating because that massive giant will benefit just by Google being in the video market. On the Del Colliano Richter scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the purchase of a radio station for 13 times and 10 being New Corp's acquisition of MySpace), Google's purchase of YouTube is an 8.