I've Added "Must Read" Links

Thanks for your comments and time spent reading Inside Music Media. Although we're still in "beta" mode, I am encouraged by the number of people who appreciate straight talk and insight when reading about the music-related media. And we haven't promoted the blog much so feel free to spread the word if you like it. Starting today, if you scroll down the right hand column, you'll find the first "Must Read" links to people and publications I read and consider essential. I won't burden you with anything that I don't highly regard. We report, you decide. Did I say that? I take it back. Nonetheless, to start, you'll enjoy reading my friend John Parikhal who has always been light years ahead of the broadcasting industry. Had they heeded his advice more, perhaps they would be in on the Internet boom instead of on the sidelines. Lee Abrams' blog is amazing because rarely can those interested in music media get such open, honest and sometimes raw insights from a legend of radio programming and pioneer of satellite radio. And, Mark Cuban's blog -- what can I say? A lot of people think Mark is just the eccentric billionaire who owns the Dallas Mavericks and gets fined a lot by the NBA for mouthing off, but Mark is also a straight-shooting, intuitive predictor of music industry and Internet trends. When he blogs, I listen so you may want to try his site. More to come. Please contact me at jdelcolliano@earthlink.net or delcolli@usc.edu with comments and suggestions.