Radio Can't Stop Hawking Fewer Commercials

On a cab ride from LAX to my home in LA last Sunday I couldn't believe how loud the radio was. But after all, it was radio and as an ex-program director I was fascinated with why this driver who spoke minimal English was blasting KBIG. Heard Usher then a segue to Madonna singing "Borderline". Like an ex-Marine there is no such thing as an ex-program director so I could always second-guess the programming. But that wasn't what lit my fire. Working with Gen Y students as I do at USC I couldn't believe the jock -- a typical "puker" -- was selling "fewer commercials" to his listeners. Who is radio kidding? Go back to school. Any school -- in your city or town. You'll learn very quickly that the next generation of radio listeners -- and I contend, the present listeners radio still has -- don't believe radio when it says fewer commercials. It makes no sense to keep saying things listeners are not likely to believe true or not. Why can't someone in power mandate the following: no more meaningless promises; no more djs imitating djs; no more tired formatics. Start there. Come up with some new ideas. Add knowledgeable jocks and more new music and your station will be on rehab.