Media Stirs The Violence

Fox News was having a discussion midday today about what could cause the violence in our society especially against children. There are two major contributing factors in my view. One is the willingness of the media to pander to the lack of civility in some human beings and their eagerness to drive society to the limit -- in sex scenes, language, acts of violence that are not needed dramatically to provide context and the dumbing down of news to pictures and outrageous stories. The music industry is also to blame because it doesn't just exercise its rights via hip-hop and rap lyrics but is the driving force in pushing language, disrespect for women and intolerance to the legally allowable limit. This pains me as a radio and television man and a print publisher. Couple this with the breakdown of the American family and you can talk until you're blue in the face about which one came first the chicken or the egg. The answer is no censorship. Nor is it government town meetings and blue-ribbon committees. It's not politicians doing more pandering to society's fears that we have created a monster and it is us. Look to responsibility and self control to change things. Just because we are allowed to show violence and "dis" women and showcase sexual intimacy as never before doesn't mean the media should. Try self-control. Try creativity. Try restraint. Try considering whether the act (violence, sexual or even language) is necessary in context. Either than or look no further to the country we have become stirred by the increasingly irresponsible media to explain our violence, intolerant ways.