Fast Fowarding Online Commercials

Traditional television networks are beginning to discover the joys of streaming video preceded by a forced-view commercial. Disney CFO Tom Staggs has been quoted as saying that he's impressed with the online stats -- where viewers have to watch the ads. No fast-forwarding allowed. He says 87% of the viewers who downloaded shows can even recall the sponsors name -- that is nearly double that of TV. Is this a love affair in the making? Yes and no. The networks have been fighting TiVo and DVRs to no avail. Now, if this is any indication, they may learn to love streaming and the revenue they can derive from its associated advertising. Finally, the advertisers can't say that the commercials are not being watched. But wait a minute! This is the Internet. This is the land of the free and home of the hackers who eventually can and probably will find a way for online viewers to bypass those forced-view online ads that precede free content. We in the technology dependent entertainment business often are reminded to cooperate with the inevitable. So if Gen Y might (or will) find a work-around to allow fast forwarding of online video ads than shouldn't the media establishment find a way to allow DVR users to also fast foward content but not skip commercials? Or better yet, how about making compelling commercials viewers online and in the living room actually want to see.