Radio Should Compete With YouTube

So, Google is reportedly offering YouTube $1.6 billion to buy it. Yahoo is said to be eying Facebook. Rupert Murdock previously stole MySpace and many big media conglomerates are seemingly tripping over themselves to avoid the "humiliation" Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone said he felt when Murdock swooped in and stole MySpace from him. I agree with Mark Cuban. YouTube is potentially the legal professions' best friend. The lawsuits over copyright infringement will start flying when YouTube is awash with big media money. Universal is already talking like an early litigator. My point about radio is that its time for radio to have pictures. Join together as a consortium not individual companies and build an industry-wide platform that -- and this is important -- manages digital copyrights. Software is coming. The intent is what is a prerequisite. The YouTube platform is broken before it gets sold. But the idea of video on the fly is major. Add mobility and DRM and it's a great, legal business for someone. How about the sorry radio industry, still trying to hang on to what they've got. Picture a future in pictures, video -- add music, invite consumer participation, create video places and do it legally.