Supreme Court Denies Brandon Teena's Murderer's Appeal; Associated Press Refers to Teena as "Lesbian" Instead of Transsexual, Misgenders Him

The Supreme Court has refused to listen to the appeal of John Lotter, one of Brandon Teena’s murderers. Though this good news, Teena has now been discriminated by once again, but this time by the Associated Press.

Teena was a transsexual man and was the subject of the Oscar winning film ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. In 1993, Teena was murdered along with two other people due to prejudice of his birth challenge by both Lotter and Marvin Nissen.

The Associated Press has blatantly mislabeled Teena as “lesbian” (Update: they have now have corrected and edited out “lesbian”), though it is well known that he was transsexual: He was born female, but felt and lived his life as a man. They also refer to him as a woman, though he should be referred to as a transsexual man. Many transphobic or uneducated people refer to FTM (female to male) transsexuals as “lesbian” or “gay”. Transsexualism is not the same thing as sexual orientation.

The Associated Press needs to educate themselves on transsexual and transgender issues. Part of the problem is the miseducation preached by GLAAD that says a gay male drag queen is the same term “transgender” as a heterosexual transsexual woman. It leads the public into thinking transsexual people are just dressing up, homosexuals who cross dress for fun, or have the fetish known as transvestitism.

No wonder mainstream doesn't get it right since our "allies" are pushing misinformation stemmed from transsexual-phobia. GLAAD must reform their intellectually dishonest and lazy media guide book's section of transsexualism and transgender.

Just because GLAAD seduces and produces drag and transgender reality TV people and fame chasing “trans spokes people” to co-sign their miseducation and bite their tongues when GLAAD does it wrong, doesn’t mean the rest of us will sell out our community for our own gain. We demand accurate education, NOW!

Brandon Teena deserves to rest in peace. Let’s respect hiM as the man he was.